Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Finished Necklace, and a Bracelet

After feeling like I wasn't sure if I liked the lashing between links on this necklace, when I went back to it, I really liked the lashing.  So I continued to connect the links together, and then I had to come up with some way to suspend it from my neck.
Beaded chain to the rescue, again!
This feels like I'm working in a series, and although I really love this piece, I know it will lead to other designs in the same category.
And I am really loving this easy-to-fasten hook and eye closure.  It's so much nicer than the lobster claws I used to put up with before I knew how to make a closure myself.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and since we celebrated all weekend, I had very little time to get into the studio.  I became a grouchy little thing last night, and after he went to bed, I had a little time to create.  What an improvement in my temperament!  And I finally got these photos taken. 
Here is a bracelet I completed before all the festivities.

Usually I shy away from making bracelets because they get hammered by the wearing, and I worry that my designs won't survive.  But this design insisted on being made, and I wore it all day yesterday.  Very lightweight, comfortable, and it withstood any abuse.  
Now I have to decided, earrings to match the necklace first, or a necklace to match the bracelet first?

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