Monday, October 22, 2012

Sterling Deelybobs

In anticipation of the shipment I should be receiving this week, I did some jewelry-making prep, as I described it to my husband.
"Husband," I said, "I need to do some jewelry making prep this weekend some time."
This was to forestall his following me around all weekend, wondering what I was going to do next.

Anyway, it all starts with my scrap.

So this is a small plate of snipped ends and cut off mistakes of sterling wire that I keep.  Usually I just sell it back to  my supplier, but this time I wanted to try a new technique.

I took several small snips of wire and heated them with my torch.  Eventually they make themselves ball up under all that heat, and I have some sterling deelybobs to use in my designs.  
I was surprised at all the different colors - but I suspect that has more to do with how long they sat in a solution that is supposed to remove firescale more than anything.

Well, I have lots more scrap and far fewer deelybobs than I thought I would.  The problem was that my torch was giving me fits.  It may have stopped working correctly, or it may just be that I need to buy a new container of fuel.  I will try that first, anyway, because it is the cheaper solution.

Stay tuned for the anticipated arrival of goodies.

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