Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Failed Experiment, and Some Happier Endings

Well, that bezel cup that I have been working on turned out to be a bust.  I could never get the cabachon I was using to sit in the cup, so I took it to a jeweler friend of mine.  He cemented it in place, and then he used some specialized equipment he has to force the edge of the cup over the lip of the stone.  Perfect, but then he felt the need to buff the metal.
The stone I was using had a titanium plating on it.  Had.  It got partially buffed away.

Oh well. On to more interesting things...

This is a piece that has been waiting for materials to finish it.  I had the cloud piece and the chalcedony briolette, but I was lacking the different wires and the chain.  I am very pleased with the simplicity of this piece.  

And this is my new favorite piece.  I made earrings like the twisty links in this necklace, and then knew I would have to make the  necklace, too.  And then I sold the earrings before I got to finish the necklace.  But I just made another pair.  Nice to be able to do that.

These are my go-to pieces for the fall.  I wear them all the time.  Of course, that means I will sell them quickly.  As soon as I find time to post them to etsy.

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